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We offer a range of services from Life Insurance to Mortgages.


Life Insurance

At Insura Life, it’s our policy to find the optimum deal for you

Home Insurance

At Insura Home, we bring you the most carefully researched deals we can

Health Insurance

At Insura Health we offer a range of products to make it a little easier

Insura Mortgages

Given the current market mortgage advice has been so important

Looking After Number One

Insura offers independent, impartial insurance. Whether you want Insura Car, Insura Home or Insura Life, the principle is the same: we’ll examine the entire marketplace to find the policy that fits your needs perfectly. This might not mean finding the cheapest policy, but it will certainly mean finding the best.

Helped me find what I needed, no hassle for me.

Steve Wear

Great customer service and advice from my advisor.

Wendy Smith

Open and honest advise, helped me loads with my mortgage.

Jack Peterson
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